Elevating Standards: NHN's Quality Management Services

Explore how NHN's meticulous approach to quality management enhances patient care, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, ensuring the highest standards of service delivery and client satisfaction.

There is a well-known saying that one can only manage what they can measure. That saying is particularly true in the context of managing the quality of care delivered to patients and the costs associated therewith. The NHN quality management system is intended to empower hospitals with the necessary measurements to better understand and to better manage variations in the quality of care. 

The scope of the quality management system is continually being expanded. For now, the system focuses primarily on variations in the way in which patients are being treated, patient experience and patient reported outcomes. More robust efforts to manage these focus errors will result in improved healthcare outcomes. This will improve the standing of NHN hospitals amongst patients, healthcare providers and medical schemes.  

Quality measurement and management is becoming increasingly important when engaging with healthcare funders. Quality is being linked to network participation arrangements and to tariff adjustments. Patients and prospective patients are also becoming increasingly aware of the quality of care. Care seeking behaviours are now being informed by publicly available quality rankings. The NHN quality measurement system will allow hospitals to keep pace with and to adapt to these developments.

Session 1: NHN QMS Introduction Webinar

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Session 2: NHN QMS Advanced Webinar

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